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20 Jun

After another long absence, time in which I had exams and disappeared of the face of the Earth, I am finally back with a new film review for you guys. Even better, it is a new release review. If you are a comic fan, like me, than you probably invaded your nearest cinema to see Man of Steel on the 14th of June. I did not manage to go on the release date to see it, but I went the next day in Harrow, London at the shopping centre… here’s a photo :).
To be honest, I am not a Superman fan, mostly because he looks like one of the Geordie Shore dudes and… he is a Big Pansy. He is incredibly strong and is meant to be almost invincible yet he gets his ass kicked by a large number of villains and gets saved by Batman… who is a HUMAN BEING. He has everything: adoptive parents, a girlfriend and he is accepted by the whole planet Earth, yet he still wines about his planet being destroyed, it is so annoying. He has everything while poor Bats has no parents and goes through traumatizing experiences and he still is the better hero – not being subjective at all and I do not have a crush on a fictional character…ok, maybe I do. Some will say that I am being unfair compering Batman with Superman, but people these two superheroes are the most striking cultural icons produced by DC that influenced entire generations since the 30s. When something threatens the world these are the heroes that save it, they are the founders of the Justice League, they need to be compared and analyse because they have a great influence in forming a child’s view of the world – if you are interested in comic influence on the masses check out Fredric Wertham, 1954 book Seduction of the Innocent.
To make things clear – after ranting like a crazy person for half of this post – I do not hate Superman he is a fascinating superhero with a good story, I am just not a big fan of him for the reasons I stated. I really hoped that Man of Steel (2013) would be a great film, because Superman never had one and he really deserves one, but it was just plain ordinary. Nothing special most of the time and just bad at others – spent half the film cursing the director Zack Snyder and the other DC for not doing it right… again. It just seemed so cheaply made, you could see that the set was made out of plastic and the special effects were just as lame. Another thing I hated was the way they approached the relationship between the Daily Planet journalists, they tried to make it a dramatic moment when the woman gets trapped under the wreckage, but it did not make any sense because the audience was not properly introduce to them and it felt like your being pulled out of the main event to watch something irrelevant. Also I have a few questions for the people who choose the extras – Where in the name of God did you find those people? – Did you just went into a McDonalds and asked who wants to be in a movie? Those people in the attack scene did not look scared at all, at best they look confused, especially the black woman, her face was so funny and out of place that I struggled not to LOL.
The battle at the end is meant to be epic and leave you wanting more and talk about it for weeks, was downright disappointing – I am not going to go into detail because I do not want to spoil this film even more for you- what I am going to point out is the flawless logic of this director. Superman leaves Lois Lane (Amy Adams) at a part of town that is completely destroyed and goes on to do his business and ends up in opposite location from her. Still she can see him and she gets to him just in time… in seconds… in the opposite part of a giant city… please explain Mister Snyder how is that physically possible?
The things that I did enjoy about this film, was the story itself. They manage to present Superman’s story in a serious, not something to be taken lightly way and me gusta that. It made Clark very likeable and you could relate to him more. The flash backs made you understand the begging of the film and his quest and you kind of feel sorry for him:(. The cast was very well chosen – except the extras – we are presented with Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Laurence Fishburne, Antje Traue, Ayelet Zurer and Russell Crow. I can honestly say that Henry Cavill for the role of Superman was the best decision, I really, really loved his interpretation of the character – congrats to you sir.
To finish this post I just want to state that this film is just bad. Not as bad as the previous ones, but after seeing the films from Marvel, everything under that quality is just a waste of time and money! Hope you guys enjoy this post, sorry it took me ages to post something and I am really going to try to post something on Sunday. Do you have any suggestions what I should review next?


Lost Girl (2010 – )

18 Apr


Recently I had a conversation with a friend of mine regarding the explosion of the fantasy genre in film, which is happing for some time now. We were discussing about fantasy books and the adaptation made for them – such as Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series – and he recommended me to watch Lost Girl, stating that I will enjoy it because it is similar to Clare’s books.
Lost Girl is a Canadian supernatural crime drama television series, that was released on September 12, 2010 and recieved a fourth season coming out this February. This television series was created by Michelle Lovretta and it presents the story of Bo (Anna Silk) a young woman with incredible powers that discovers she is a succubus in a world in which myths are true. Together with her human best friend Kenzi (Ksenia Solo), Bo opens a private eye company, in order to help those whose problems are out of the ordinary.
This TV series is lacking in some criteria, being visible in the first season that not a lot of money was put into it and the acting was sloppy at first, but what it is lacking in some points it is gaining in others. The cases Bo and Kenzi take on are quite entertaining and the characters are very well put together. For me this show is a combination of Psych (2006 – ) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003). It has the mystery and attractiveness of detective/ private eye stories and the mystical, fantastical world of the supernatural creatures, also it can be incredibly funny.
Momentarily I am at the second season and I am slightly confused, because it seems that the main story is forgotten. They draw you in whit the first two episodes, which gives you information about what is going to happen in the season and it gets you excited about it, leaving you empty until episode 7. The same thing happened in season 1 and it just left me wondering, if those episodes are stalling for time or they actually have information that adds to the main story of the series.
I really enjoy this series and I really do not want it to be like Ghosts Whispers (2005-2010). Overall I have fallen for this show and I have my friend to thank for telling me about it. The only similarities that I found with The Mortal Instruments series, is that both female leads are unaware of their true nature and that both have really good looking guys helping them out with their quest of selfhood. Awesome story, awesome characters and the acting/filming/ props get better with time. I recommend this one for all you fantasy/detective lovers out there. Enjoy!