The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

21 Apr


Trailers are crucial in how a film will sell once it hits the big screens. Like every advert, if the trailer is bad then people will not be persuaded into buying the product. On the Trailer page of this blog, I will review the trailers for this year upcoming motion pictures, in order to show which films are worth time watching them and which are not.
The first trailer I am going to review today is the upcoming second part of The Hunger Games trilogyThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013). What I found already as a put off is the fact that they changed the director of this franchise from Gary Ross to Francis Lawrence. I consider this an issue because every director has hers/his own style that one can observe by watching his work (hint to the Auteur theory) and when working with a franchise, I consider it is not a smart move because:
1).Different vision of the books, different vision on how the actors should behave and interact with each other
2). The new director lacks the experience of the first one with the crew and book
3). It is observable to the audience and the film might be a success, but it can also be a failure. This exchange becomes similar to a bet in which the odds are to risky to be taken.
Besides this issue, the first version of the trailer is quite a success. The music is well chosen, keeping up with the story presented. The cuts from the film are well chosen to show you just enough of the story, but not give away of the big parts. The colours used have a greyish feel and are dark toned, giving the feeling of instability and of a coming storm.
I consider the trailer has captured the essence of Catching Fire and as a big fan of the books, I am eagerly waiting for the film to hit the cinemas and I am hoping that I will not be disappointed.


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